Tuesday, 31 January 2017

1 down 11 to go

31 days of the year gone, and in a blink of an eye too. I'm up to date with the declutter challenge (yay me!) And today I was incredibly grateful that I had done the under the sink update.

I had just tapped a sink of water, the dishwasher was running and I heard water rushing, I glanced over at the sink to check that I'd switched it off, I had. I didn't see any thing out of place and put it down to the dishwasher noise. I kept hearing the noise and looked over again. And saw it....

Water rushing out of the cupboard under the sink! I flung it open and saw that a pipe had burst off its fitting and hot water was poring out! All over my clean, organised cupboard! I grabbed the caddy out that I had put general cleaning things into, pulled out the vinegar from the green cleaning caddy and shoved it under the burst pipe and yelled for 'M' to come help.

The water was switched off and it obviously stopped pouring out. I quickly and efficiently cleared the cupboard out. Had this happened a month ago it would have taken me ages to get all the cleaning things, glass bottles and other junk out.

So moral of my story: Do the cleaning challenge, you won't regret it.

On other news, we have our outside lights up, I have my tin pictures hanging in the kitchen. Our fan is working (at last) but it working brought foul weather that doesn't require a fan :/ . I did some spray painting again and did some updates.

 The table was yellow trimmed and now is navy, the final update picture will be when its in its final spot in the house.

 The lamps were the same turquoise as the chandelier and are now the same navy as the chandeliers.

 The picture frames have been sprayed but final picture will be taken when they're in their final spot.

Our lights outside, l love them <3.

The pantry is waiting to be sprayed, so hopefully it will be installed soon :)


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