Sunday, 1 January 2017

365 house project

Well its a new year- Again! Ok so this year  we aim to do 365 tasks, or rather 365 days of tasks. Some tasks will take longer than a day to complete, others will be quick. We got off to a great start today by redoing our chandeliers.

I like to say I collect chandeliers, I am always on the look out for them in second hand shops and snap up good deals. I then give them a clean, and a respray and a new lease of life.

Today was the second time I have redone our ones that are in our lounge area.

The colour is actually a dark navy gloss, we went from the vibrant turquoise to a more classic navy. This is the start of redoing our lounge/craft room into a sitting room with a tv area which will lead onto a dining room. #goals2017

The second chandelier was a deep purple and a different shape to the first one. I also sprayed it the same navy gloss, you just can't see in pictures that its different.

I'm also planning on doing a decluttering year, I'll be following  declutter 365 mission. Sign up to their newsletter and get the calendar for 2017. Today's task is to set up a donation station, a place where you can put any items you want to get rid of/give away/donate. And since its only 21:13 on the 1st I can still set it up and call it a great day :)

Here's wishing you a happy new year, may it be organised, may you achieve your goals and may your dreams come true.


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