Monday, 2 January 2017

Furniture rearrangement and some decluttering.

Trying to clean, organise and declutter with a toddler is like using an umbrella in a hurricane or using a blender without a lid. Today I had success! My son played by himself, followed me around and mostly stayed out of trouble. At 20 months old that is a major feat :)

I had another productive day, I started out by scrubbing A's mat from his room (one of those with a city and roads on it) and hanging it over a trestle leg to dry, with today's heat and wind it dried much quicker than I expected. And since it started pouring with rain around 16:30 (much needed and wanted rain) its a good thing too.

I have a bee in my bonnet this year about decluttering, getting organised and working on some diy tasks, maybe its a mental thing, clean space, clean mind?

Today's #365project was more of an update using items I already have and using them in a different place.

I moved that table from against the wall where the coat rack is to directly in front of the front door, the shoe rack under the table was in the entry way and always in the way. The mat has been used in our bedroom, the lounge and now the hallway. The coat rack was to the left of where it is now and blocked the archway into the lounge. This feels so much cleaner, less cluttered, more open and just prettier.

I have chosen a few key colours I use in our house which makes swopping out mats, cushions and decor items easy and makes for some quick updates. In case you're wondering the colours are :

Bedroom: navy, grey, mint, coral
Kitchen: mint, coral, white
Bathroom 1: nautical theme so navy, mint, white and a touch of red.
Lounge: navy, cream, mint
Bathroom 2 (to be built still) will be natural colours, so that we can bring any colour in for a fresh look.
My future craft room: mint, coral and glitter gold.
Passage: red.

We have a few works in progress, namely the pantry. I browsed pinterest and came up with a design I liked and drew it up for my husband and he's busy making it happen. Yay for some team work šŸ‘Šhe works on it a few afternoon's a week with the "help" of A, so some days are way more productive than others. (Blender without a lid senario)

That's my pantry in pieces, hopefully within the next 2 weeks it will be installed. Yay again, its been a few months without a pantry so I'm pretty excited - eeeeek!☺

The declutter challenge for today was to read through the kitchen counters article, I may have cheated and got a head start by clearing one counter and swopping out some crockery.

Onto tomorrow, I hope I can keep it up, 2 days down 363 to go.


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