Friday, 6 January 2017


Our internet sucks, we live on a small holding outside of Port Elizabeth and for the most part our internet is great, fast even. But now during the festive season its been horrendous, dipping up and down, days where we struggle to connect. I blame the new mall in the area (7km away) The influx of shoppers must be driving the tower usage up. I wish holidays were over so that can have my internet back. Even now I'm typing this out on word, hoping to copy paste when our internet comes back on today.

I'll do a quick recap on yesterday. I started spraying the front table but got stuck when I ran out of spray paint :(  and the nearest 2 hardware stores didn't have my colour ( I always wonder when it comes to not having a particular size/colour in stock if its because the item is so popular it sold out very fast? Or if its so unpopular they only get 1 or 2 of them in? And if its so popular it sold out quickly why don't they order more in the next times? )

I did however manage to re-spray my old blackboard and hang it in a new spot, move the picture that was its spot to a new spot and decide to redo that wall gallery style. I love re-purposing, moving items around in my home, re-loving the items :)

I got a quick snapshot of the pantry drawer/shelves laid out before they start getting assembled, 

and another of the first drawer built  :)

I finally got more spray paint today and it was not without a hitch, I got to the seemingly only shop in PE that stocks Rustoleum in Navy gloss and saw that they were also out of stock! At the back of one of the shelves, tucked away was one last can, but alas it was lidless :( I gave it the once over deemed it ok, that it hadn't been sprayed and took it the paint desk to inquire if they had more stock. They didn't, but gave me an R9 discount on the can :) I got the table sprayed and this is the final product, compared to what it was before. The top image is before, the bottom what it looks like now.

The declutter challenges for yesterday and today we also completed, yesterday was to clear the kitchen table, since I don't have a kitchen table I scrubbed down the cupboard fronts. Today was to clear out unused kitchen utensils and knives, I'm kinda pleased to see that I actually use everything, and I only got rid of 2 knives that were blunt. Yay me :)

Now for the weekend challenges, hopefully we can accomplish more and get some pantry action going.


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