Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Pantry progress

Despite the wind today I was able to prime the pantry drawer fronts, sand them with a mouse sander and spray them with blackboard paint. I'm so excited about the progress on the pantry and cannot wait for it to be installed :) its not far off apparently. My husband got some work done on it this evening quickly while 'A' played  with spanners (wrenches). He's our little diy kid :)

The drawer fronts have hole handles to make pulling the shelf out easier, I sprayed them blackboard spray paint as I mentioned so that I can label the drawer front ( I love labels and lists). My go to spray paint is Rustoleum, it really goes on the best. My review for the blackboard paint is: it goes on wonderfully smooth, dries quickly but seems more difficult to  cover the surface, it seemed to take more sprays than the general purpose spray paint. I will however use it again, and again and again.

Today's 365 declutter challenge was to clear counter space, and since I tackled the main counter the other day I did the 2 smaller counter pieces either side of the stove. Once again I'm pleased with it :) And best of all the rest of the tidying I have done since Monday is still tidy! Now that's a major accomplishment.

More exciting news, My husband managed to find the Navy gloss spray paint today so I'm back onto a diy fix up task tomorrow :)


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