Monday, 16 January 2017

Gluten Free Chicken Schnitzel

Being Gluten Free I am limited to what and where I can eat out, so  I improvise and make my own restaurant style food at home. This time it was Chicken Schnitzel otherwise known as Crumbed Chicken. 

 I am a free style kind of cook, I rarely follow a recipe exactly  and guess the quantities of the ingredients I use and more often than not it turns out really good, I guess you can say I'm good at guessing ;)  Baking I do follow the recipe.  So the Cheese Sauce  is a guessing game of quantities.                                        

Chicken breasts- 1 per person
2-3 eggs beaten
Crumbs ( I use orgran gluten free crumbs)
Oil for deep frying

Veggies for the side 

Cheese Sauce:

50g of butter (about)
Corn flour to thicken
1-2 cups of milk
Grated cheese- as much as you would like
Season to your liking.

Melt the butter  and add in enough corn flour to thicken. Pour in the milk and stir until its smooth, simmer for a few minutes until it thickens, add in some grated cheese, stir until the cheese is melted. If it goes too thick too quickly add more milk. Should it go clumpy use a whisk to get rid of the lumps.

Dip the chicken breasts into the beaten eggs : both sides so that the crumbs will stick to it.

                                             The crumbs I use

 Dip and coat the Chicken breasts in the crumbs.

Heat the oil and deep fry on both sides to cook through.
Cook any veg that you want to serve with your meal. With this I cooked up some potato wedges and some Eggplant/Brinjal. It's also fantastic served with Creamed Spinach instead of a Cheese Sauce.

And just for fun, my cat once again inspecting things this time Finlay :)

Enjoy this quick and simple Gluten Free Meal :)

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