Sunday, 15 January 2017

Progress update on some tasks

Another week gone by and we're still going strong on the diy  and the decluttering, in fact its all almost habitual now, I'm actually really enjoying it all. Yes even the decluttering :) . Our week went like this :

Our garden helper was here again today, he managed to get the HUGE stump out of the garden bed that's going to become a stoned walkway (as in pebbles and pavers) The stump took up that entire patch of soil!

Well the fan  update went terribly, 'M' has said "never again!" Every possible thing that could go wrong did go wrong, the final thing was the switch. While trying to drill holes to attach the switch panel the drill knocked the dial and broke it off! Meaning we can't switch it on or off. 'M' has to do a hack now and preset it on a setting and put in a regular light switch instead of a dial. I'll keep you posted on that one.

The garage  carport roof trim is being painted the primer layer is done, the undercoat is almost done and finally the topcoat will go on, even with the undercoat it's looking great.

We are also getting brand new garage doors! We have had really old metal ones that lift up and are upgrading to roll up doors. They are being installed tomorrow :)

All the pot plants are painted and laid out in a configuration I like, it took a few attempts to get it to what I think is right . The before pictures can be seen in this  post

Declutter challenge update: I have completed all 15 days successfully and weirdly I'm excited for the next 11 and a half months of this, its so refreshing to get rid of clutter, its like I can finally breathe.

Today was my birthday, so I got a special birthday lunch
I think the best thing about today was when 'A' said "happy birthday" when 'M' told him to say it me, it was a bit garbled but you could hear what he was saying, a truly heart melting moment.

Week 3 is fast approaching and I'm ready for it, bring it on!

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