Sunday, 8 January 2017

Marmite squares gluten free (or not)

Hi again!

Today I am in a foodie mood. My mom used to bake this when my sister and I were children, it was one of my favourites because strangely I have a savoury  tooth vs a sweet one!

Marmite/oxo spread/bovril/veggiemite can be inter-changed although I did find that the oxo spread didn't dissolve like it should.


2 cups of flour (gluten free or normal flour, both work)

4 tsp Baking powder
3/4 cup of milk
1/2 cup of oil
2 eggs beaten
1 cup of  grated cheese (I like to add extra feta cheese to make it double cheese)

Mix the above ingredients together and place in a greased ovenproof dish.
Bake for 20min at 190 degrees Celsius.


1/2 cup of butter (before its melted)
1-2 tsps of Marmite/oxo spread/bovril/veggiemite

dissolve together in the microwave and pour over the top when it comes out of the oven.

Cut into squares/slices

Enjoy a yummy savoury treat :)

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