Monday, 9 January 2017

Sunday busy Sunday

Today has been full but I feel like I haven't done much today. I did the usual laundry, dishes, making breakfast, making lunch, cooking supper, brining laundry in and Sunday is clean bedding and towel night, so that got done too.

I have a pictorial of how to change a duvet cover quickly and easily by yourself, I call it the burrito method. Seriously there is no easier way.

1. Lay out your duvet cover inside out with the snaps/buttons (open the snaps/buttons) at the head of your bed, place your duvet inner on top of it. Make the four corners match as best as you can.

2-6 start rolling your duvet and cover pancake/burrito style, try keep it quite tight and even.

7. Once its rolled up it will look like this at the sides.

8. There should be an end on each side that is sewn shut, and an open flap with the buttons/snaps. Flip the closed bits over the rolled duvet, ( so stuff the duvet roll into the cover, the cover should now be right side facing.

9. Keep tucking the duvet into the cover, your burrito/pancake roll will now be right side facing. Snap up the buttons/snaps.

10. Grab onto where the end of the duvet meets the snaps/buttons and start shaking. Its important to hold in to both the duvet and cover otherwise you'll land up with a lump of duvet in the middle of the cover.  Keep shaking until its all shaken out. And TA DA!

I hope that makes sense :)

I did a quick maintenance of my sewing machine and over locker and I think my overlocker is worse off than before :( I seriously could just cry. It needs a good old service and tension fixed.

Our garden helper did an amazing job today, he finished taking down the fencing in our front garden, uprooted two stumps so I can get my succulent garden finished, he planted the lavender, he did some mowing and trimming and taking small invasive trees out.

'M' went to get our fan wired up, we had success with the wiring but no installing yet. Luckily it hasn't been overly hot.

I ended the day off with kassler steaks, baby marrows, baked potatoes and the next disk of 'Two broke girls'

What a first week it has been. If I can keep this up for the next 51 weeks I'll have accomplished a lot!

I plan to blog more recipes and tutorials in the coming weeks.

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  1. Good to know! This is always such an annoying task - thanks for the tips!!!

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

    1. Hope you have success :) it does makes this annoying task a bit more fun :)

  2. i've seen this on "This Morning" before, definately a good hack to use. Me and hubby have our routine down, have the cover inside out, grab corners of quilt and pull through. then a big shake, little shake and one more big one before laying quilt on bed in position and then do the buttons. takes a couple of minutes and stops all the lumps and gaps in between!! #twinklytuesday

  3. Best of luck keeping up the pace! I feel like a productive first week sets the tone for a productive year!

    1. Thank you, and so far so good 15 days in and still going strong :)