Thursday, 19 January 2017

Week's recap

This week has flown by, I feel like I barely touched ground. In fact I think I have a complete mommy brain and forgot the entire week.

This week I have been doing some sewing, I finished up a tote bag pattern I was testing, and started in on a bridesmaid's dress for a friend. It was a pattern I tested last November and I have made some minor adjustments ( turned it into a maxi dress instead of knee length) I'll post pictures when its finished.

Gathering pebbles Tote

'A' has had a great week, he's been extra loving, he's started potty training and he's talking more and more each day.

The declutter challenge is going well, my habit is established- well just about. ;)
This weekend may be a productive one again, I'll be sewing, doing a couple of small update projects and some cleaning- again/still.

And hopefully working on a tutorial or two.

Our garden helper will be here again so the exterior will be worked on too- yay!

Happy weekend eve


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