Monday, 1 May 2017

Menu plan for 1- 6 May

This week's menu and grocery plan is as follows:

Tonight I'm making a chicken bake, this recipe I got from a domestic helper at a house I was a temporary au pair for, I was very impressed with the simplicity of the meal and the delishiousness ( is that a word?)

Monday: Chicken pieces baked in mayonaise and chutney, served with mashed potatoes, a mushroom, onion and green pepper stir fry and home grown butternut. (Recipe to follow)

Tuesday: same as Monday

Wednesday: Cottage pie with extra added mixed veggies, and chick peas

Thursday: Same as Wednesday

Friday: Wors with chips, mixed veggies

Saturday: A braai with the remainder of the wors, chicken pieces, lamb chops and a potato bake.

Sunday: Pasta with pesto and feta. ( we use Ina Parmans pesto either the coriander or the basil ones)

Grocery list for the week:
1. Chicken pieces x 15 depending on the size and amount of people. (I allocate a thigh and wing per person per meal for the chicken mayo bake, and a drum stick per meal for my son,  and pretty much the same for the braai)
2. Mayonnaise
4. 2kg of potatoes ( this will cover the mash, the cottage pie and the potato bake)
5. Mixed veggies (frozen)
6. 500g of mince 
7. Gravy powder
8. A tin of chick peas
9. A packet of wors ( I use ostrich wors that has 7 pieces in, I split it between the Friday night and Saturday night)
10. Pack of lamb chops
11. 500ml cream
12. Cheese
13. Pesto
14. Feta
15. Mushrooms
16. Onions
17. Green pepper
18. Bacon. 
19. Butternut.
20. Frozen chips
21. Pasta

The mushrooms, bacon, cream, cheese are for the potato bake. I'm really going to do my best this week to do a post on the recipes I'm using.
As always some of these items you'll have in your pantrty or fridge.

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