Sunday, 31 December 2017

New year, new start

I always have an excuse as to why I haven't blogged in a while, this time it's internet issues and having a toddler. But I really want 2018 to be different.

I am taking part in quite a few challenges for the coming year

1. Is the declutter challenge again, I successfully completed it this year and plan to do it again this coming year. This challenge is a daily task to do in your home, tidying an area, throwing things out, recycling etc.

2. The "Good bye Valentino" challenge is a fast on rtw ( ready to wear clothing, also known as bought clothing) for this fast from the 1 January through to 31 December I am not allowed to buy clothing for myself. I must sew everything I want to wear. I can however wear rtw clothing I already own.

We can buy socks and undies, but I have patterns for those items and already sew them anyway. During 2017 if I counted correctly and remember accurately I think I only bought about 6 to 8 items of rtw for my son, my hubby and I. That's in total not each! So I'm excited for this challenge.

3. An unofficial challenge is my goal to blog at least once a week.

4.  The last challenge is the 52 week challenge, its a sewing challenge with a weekly task of an item to sew. This one is for me, to make sure I do something for myself each week. This is the main thing I plan to blog about this year. So starting tomorrow I'll keep you posted on my sewing  and the theme and task for the week :)

Fingers crossed I actually manage to keep up with everything.


  1. I really like how you're using the 52 week challenge as a way to make sure you take time for yourself! Best of luck to you in the new year!

  2. Thank you Mary, and best of luck to you too, may 2018 be everything you wish for.

  3. Nice to 'see' you again. Just discovered your blig and I love your post about couponing.
    Apart from your nr1 we have the same challenges this year.
    May the odds be in our favour!

    1. Hi Chrisda, lovely to "see" you too! The couponing really does save a lot, this year I'm doing an overall savings track :)