Monday, 22 January 2018

Something to make sewing easier

52 WEEK CHALLENGE: WEEK 3: Sew something to make sewing easier

This week I made pattern weights. The first set I attempted to make were cement weights using mini pie silicone molds. But I had too much cement in the mix and they crumbled :( I do want to try again because I love the concept.

My second attempt was using felt and filling the shapes with rice. I used a puzzle piece pattern by 'Handmade by glow' this pattern shop is mainly a cloth pad (sanitary towel) pattern shop, but Rebecca has wet bag, wipes, novelty puzzle patterns too.

I received my puzzle pattern in a "like and share promo" but there are a few other patterns that are similar. The sea, dinosaur, Christmas, vehicles ones are available in her etsy store.

My pattern weights are made up of 6 puzzle pieces that get put together to make a giant puzzle piece shape.  The lower puzzle pieces in my picture are actually the image in the pattern showing you how to piece the puzzle together.

I scaled up to 102% for the larger puzzle pieces, and printed at regular size for the lower puzzle pieces. I hand sewed the pieces together and filled them with rice. I'm not worried about mold and pests, I have had a heatable beanbag filled with rice for over a year and never had a problem :)

Luckily this project is a handsewn one because this was another very bad week with power and internet outages. I managed to print while we had power and the day's without power I did my hand sewing.

Aidan loves them too and loves putting the puzzle together :)
So if you're looking for a unique gift for any kiddies, get the puzzle piece patterns from 'Handmade by glow' they sew up incredibly fast, its a perfect project for in front of the TV :)

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