Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Something with the latest fabric I bought

52 WEEK CHALLENGE: WEEK 2: Sew something with the latest fabric you bought.

This week I made a romper for Aidan using the 'Romperalls' by Peek-a-Boo Patterns, if you join her Facebook group you can get it for free.

I used a cotton knit arrow print fabric I bought in a flash sale online at South African WAHM supplies, the navy lining is from them too. They no longer have this print but they are always getting in new stock.

The cuffs are cotton lycra I bought on line from Sewista, she also has a Facebook group  Sewista , if you're in South Africa both of these suppliers are fantastic.

I did this in a 3T , upsizing from his usual size because I'd like this to last through winter, in winter he'll wear a long sleeve tee under it

This was another very quick, easy sew. I do love a romper but I feel that past age 3 on a boy it doesn't quite suit them, on girls however they can wear rompers for all eternity.

This post contains affiliate links to Peek-a-boo Patterns 

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