Monday, 8 January 2018

something warm and soft

52 WEEK CHALLENGE :WEEK 1: Sew something Warm/Soft

Already the year is off to a not great start. The 1st we had no power all day, so no sewing and no blogging. The 2nd we had no internet, the 5th we had no power again, and the 6th no internet.

I had already decided to finally sew myself the 'Riverside Robe' by Peek-a-Boo Patterns'. 2 years ago I tested this particular pattern and for the test I made my husband a robe, bought fabric to make myself one and never got around to it. So Soft and Warm is the epitome of this robe. Aidan saw me sewing mine, trying it on and declared he also wanted one thus week one became a two item week.

Just before the power went out I managed to print off the 'Comfy Cozy Robe' by Peek-a-Boo Patterns' for Aidan, piece the pattern together, trace off his size (because this particular pattern has no layers), cut the traced off pattern and cut the fabric.

Now normally I hate patterns without layers but for an item you'll be making in many sizes it kinda makes sense to print off all the sizes unlayered and just trace off the size you need. Although trying to fold the taped together pattern neatly is like squeezing a watermelon through a doughnut.

Both patterns are incredibly quick to sew up, its very easy to follow Amy's directions and the robes are super comfy.

I used a coral fleece on mine and a polar fleece on Aidan's.

I do find that they both tend to run big, my measurements put me in a large, I made my husband a medium 2 years ago, I tried it on and saw immediately a medium would fit me with room to spare.

I made Aidan a 2T and it is very spacious on him, it may last him two seasons.

Overall I love both patterns and would definitely make them again.

I created a PDF printable to keep track of my sewing, I make notes on every project I do. You can download it here

Week one's sewing task is successfully completed.

This post contains affiliate links to Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop.

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