Saturday, 14 January 2017

DVD shelves: currently.

This is a photo heavy post just showing how our DVD shelf project went.  And  I'm sharing them now quickly how we have them currently before we move them to a different room. 

We don't watch TV so we watch a lot of movies and series on DVD. Because of our extensive collection we needed somewhere to store them all. We built them into our entertainment/bbq/braai/lapa room that is attached to the house. The room is an odd shape sort of hexagon, so our solution was to build up instead of horizontal.

               Bailey making sure M is building the shelves correctly :)

Cover strips were attached to the back, making it easier to attach to the wall.

                                                           Side one complete

                                         M putting shelf 2 into place

 TA DA!  Both shelves up and almost full!
We'll be moving them into what will be our reading/games/TV room which is off the kitchen and dining room. The couch in the pictures has already been moved. We're getting there slowly but surely :)


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