Thursday, 12 January 2017

Pattern testing : Gulliver's Travel

Just a very quick post tonight. I do pattern testing for PDF pattern designers. Being a tester means that I proof read the pattern and follow the directions and make up the item before the designer releases the pattern.

That way any kinks/errors are sorted out before people buy the pattern. I love pattern testing, its an excuse to sit down and sew, without feeling guilty about not cleaning ;). Yes we do get the pattern for free upon completion, but its not only for free patterns, its for the experience, learning new skills, helping someone earn a living and meeting new people in the testing groups.

My latest pattern test was for Muffin Head Patterns, it was a pattern called 'Gulliver's Travel' and is a small bag attached to a belt loop/diaper bag/stroller/walker etc. Its a way of going hands free but still keeping your valuables close at hand. Like if you take your dog for a walk you can have your cell phone, house keys, a baggie for any doggy poop and some emergency cash attached right to the dog leash. Or attach it to your stroller if you take your baby for a walk :)

This particular one I made for my husband, it fits his wallet, cell phone and car keys ( I did size up from the pattern according to the instructions in the pattern on how to resize). He loves having all his items together in one spot in a masculine bag.

In one of the pictures he clipped it to a hook on his boat, this is the perfect solution to stop his items from being flung around due to boat movements.

Link to purchase the pattern for 'Gulliver's Travel' please note this is a PDF pattern and not the actual item. And this is not an affiliate link.
I'm just sharing what I love doing :)

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