Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Stencil wall Tutorial

I thought I'd share on old blog post of mine of a stencil wall I did in 2013, the reason I'm sharing now is more for prosperity. We are going to knock that wall out and add on a dining room, so my orange wall will be no more. I'm fine with that, it had its time and place and now it's time to move on. Oh and by the way its not nearly as lumo  as it looks, its really more of an Etsy/blogger orange :)

To stencil a wall can be a monumental task- depending on the size of the wall of course. The first wall I bravely/foolishly tackled is a 3.5m x 3m wall with a window of 1.80 x 80cm.

The stencil I chose can be found  here: I printed it off and kept the printed size-I didn't enlargen it.

I then traced off the template onto cardboard and cut it out. You can use an old x ray/card or anything you like that is stiffer than regular paper.

For the first wall I chose a warm orange (Bacarat by Plascon) and painted the entire wall with that. The actual stencil colour is Corner Stone by Paint Warehouse in Port Elizabeth. (It's a colour we have painted through out our house.)

step one: orange paint

the template

the start of something big

the second row to show how the templates join

I started at the bottom left side and worked left to right in rows. I traced the stencil onto the wall in pencil and then used a number 7 flat paintbrush ( the kind kids use in art class will do) to paint just inside the lines. I used my index finger as a spacer between each template and joined the “stems” in the columns as such.

I found I couldn't work at it too long or my eyes would feel like they were crossing. All in all I think it took about 3 weeks of working most days for an hour or so.

more progress and how I reached the top

Finished! But still a tiled floor

with our wooden floors :)

The second one I did is a smaller piece of wall between two cupboards where the future changing table will be placed. This time I used Corner Stone as the main colour and Aqua light (also Paint Warehouse) as the stencil colour. 

showing how I paint each template

mini wall done
I love my feature walls and the satisfaction that I did it even more.  

If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

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  1. I am very impressed at how you turned that room into a warm, cozy retreat all by yourself! Beautiful!