Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Succulent garden

So yesterday late afternoon I managed to finish our Succulent garden! I'm loving it. These succulents have a real history. Before my husband and I were engaged I knew I wanted succulents and proteas  featured at our wedding. I got our first plant in December 2011. Succulents are really easy to propogate, you basically break off a leaf and stick it in soil, it will in time produce a new plant. So anyway back to our succulents. We bought 3 plants and propagated enough succulents for our wedding in February 2013. After the wedding those succulents were put outside just on top of our water pump house roof and left to do their thing.

Over the weekend I replanted them in a garden bed that's going to be in the middle of 2 walkways leading up to our house. Its so nice to have a part of our wedding in our home even now nearly 4 years later.

Today was our first swimming lesson after the holidays, my little fish did amazingly well considering we didn't really practice. He started swimming lessons at 10 weeks old and now at 20 months old he can paddle around a pool on a pool noodle, and kick and paddle with his arms while we have our hands under his belly. He's amazing to watch, but I'm his mom so of course I think that ;)

We got the fan up, with so many hitches and delays and tried to switch it on and it wouldn't work :( so we're back to square one and have to check out the switch on it tomorrow.


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