Thursday, 2 March 2017

2 down 10 to go

Wow! February is over and we're into March. February was a terrible month, I don't even know what happened to it. Our internet is so dippy, most evenings it was almost completely down and I didn't want to risk typing a whole post just have it disappear! We got lots of things completed, some new tasks started and others I'm still progressing with them.

A decided to start a new routine of no napping so 12 hour days started, and that meant less blogging, less crafting. But on the plus side I have been teaching him letters and he's doing amazingly well. This is one proud momma :)

* I said good bye to a good friend who moved to a different continent :( .
*M and I celebrated Valentines day and 9 days later our 4th Wedding anniversary.

*Its 3 years since I finished working at my job and became a stay at home wife/now mom too. And I don't miss it, not even a little. My decision is confirmed each time I set foot in my old work place. I can't say names, but its a place I have to go to on occasion.

Valentine's day dinner, we ate at home because we celebrate bigger with dinner out on our anniversary. But we ate in heart style :)

A valentine from A to his daddy

And the valentine gift I received. I love love love le creuset

Diy  updates will follow in a different post.


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