Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Evolution of Our Pantry

I'm back after a bit of a break. Between Internet issues and my son not napping all day my time kinda slipped away.

My pantry is up! Not 100% Complete,it still needs doors but I'm taking it as is for now.

Our pantry cupboard next to the back door, before we officially moved in and before we painted.

That's the doorway into our lounge area, and the wall space on the right is where the new pantry is. This is also before we moved in. The peach tiles and peach walls were not to our taste.

 This is the inside of the pantry, well part of it. We wanted a different shelf format and I remembered to take a few before pictures part way through. #facepalm

I hated the narrow shelves that were too closely spaced and staggered. this format gave us very little packing space and the closely spaced shelves meant we also couldn't stack goods.

Excuse the mess, while shelves the full size of the pantry gave us more space accessing things was incredibly difficult and frustrating. The door being quite narrow added to the difficulty.

Here you can kind of see the space and shape we were working with. This was the start of the removal of the entire pantry.

The start of the new pantry using the entire wall space. That is my canned goods stacker ;)

The sides of the pantry up, Can stacker moved so that the drawer shelves can be worked on.

The almost final product. I am beyond pleased with my new pantry!
The drawer shelves mean I can pull them out and access anything at the back without repacking an entire shelf. The chalk board fronts mean everything is labeled and I know exactly where things are ( read as: hubby can find and replace things ;).

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